WordTrax.com is a Christian ministry.  We let our light so shine before an unbelieving culture that they see our reasoning and praise the Creator.  We do this by engaging the popular culture in a winsome non-confrontational manner while not compromising truth.

As one of our advisors put it “you have to earn a seat at the table.”  We’re willing to earn that seat by taking the time to understand why people believe what they believe, to challenge those beliefs and to gently lead them to the truth.  We know that some hearts have been tenderized by the grace and mercy of God and are therefore open to reason.  We also know that some have not.

Our goal is twofold:

1)      Teach Gospel believers how to defend their faith in an ever more hostile environment, yet with gentleness and respect.  Many college students who grow up in the church are suddenly released into the wild.  Their compass needles spin and they don’t know how to give a logical accounting for the faith that is in them.  They seek after a lifeline.  They call for help  and are often given little with which to stay the course.  This ministry is dedicated to such young adults, their parents, teachers and mentors.

2)      Show non-believers that it’s safe to question what they’ve been programmed to believe all their lives and now take for granted as truth.   All mankind has a kernel of truth that has been written on their hearts.  Yet they suppress it.  A goal of this ministry to help people use their innate ability to reason.