Listen To: The Missing Link

“But I do not pretend that I should ever have suspected how poor a record of the mutation of life, the best preserved geological section presented, had not the difficulty of our not discovering innumerable transitional links between the species which appeared at the commencement and close of each formation, pressed so hardly on my

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Listen To: Do You Believe In Miracles?

God created the Laws of nature.  His Son, Our Lord upholds all things and in Him all things hold together.  Nature was created by Him, through Him and for Him.  He directs His creation so that we would better understand who He is.  “Though you don’t believe in Me” said our Lord, “believe in the

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Listen To: Plain Talk Apologetics

As Christians we have the tools to demolish strongholds and every lofty opinion raised up against the knowledge of God.  Logic and sound reasoning are on our side.  After all, God created them.  Peter was a fisherman and we don’t have to have a PhD in order to be a conquering contenders for the faith.  

Listen To: The Problem of Suffering

Skeptics have been telling believers for years that if there’s suffering in the world, God can’t be both good and all powerful.  A good God who was all powerful could, and would eliminate suffering in the world. 

Listen To: Ignorance Doesn’t Save

Listen To: The Problem of Evil

Problem of Evil Is there a Difference between Good & Evil?

Listen To: The New Testament Canon

NT Canon Typos in the New Testament ???

Listen To: Noah’s Ark

Bathtub Toy or Ocean Liner? Noah’s Ark:  “The real Ark was about half as long as the Titanic, its three decks would cover an area the size of two football fields.  As much cargo space as four – one hundred car freight trains.” According to Genesis 6:15-16closeGenesis 6:15-16 15 This is how you are to make

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Listen To: Increase in the Gene

 Increase in the Gene Can We Observe It Today?