Listen To: The Dead Sea Scrolls

The greatest archeological find of the century was discovered in the Qumran caves in 1946.   After extensive study, the results are in.  the Scrolls validate what we Christians always knew.  The Old Testament has been nearly perfectly preserved.  Bible critics go away dissappointed.  


Listen To: Archeology

Archeology Critics used to call the bible a collection of folklore and mythical stories.  But in the last century, Archeologists have validated biblical narratives as historically accurate, having been confirmed through the science of archeology.  


Listen To: What Do You Say To A Grieving Culture?

What Do You Say To A Grieving Culture ? Terrible things happen. Death and destruction occur with increasing regularity, sometimes natural and sometimes tragically man made. The world seems to stand still, point their eyes heavenward, and ask “Why?” It’s the church that is equipped to answer the difficult questions.  You are called to such

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